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How Realtors® Make Their Money ~ #nogatekeeping

As part of my #nogatekeeping series I am revealing all the things you want to know about Real Estate but were afraid to ask.

From the outside it can look like Realtors® don't really do much to make the commissions they make. After all, what the public sees are all of the wins and all of the successful transactions!

What they don't see is the actual work.

They don't see the Buyer that we show 150 perfect listings to only to hear things like:

"I don't like the energy in here." then asks the seller's agent;

"Is this place haunted?"

They don't see us arranging trades to come in to do things like:

- smoke smell mitigation

- painting

- new carpets

- pet smell removal

- de-cluttering (I have a story about this one I'll add to the blog sometime soon)

- help getting elder family members into alternative home options

- helping divorcing couples communicte

- a million more services that I am always happy to arrange.

They don't see the back and forth with other agents who don't always read the realtor comments on the listing and ask the same questions over and over:

"Is this still available?" (which is fair because sometimes it takes a few days to come off the MLS :)

The public doesn't see that we Realtors® also have to be professional marketing gurus who understand the nuance of all the new technology.

For example, I have this website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (ugh...I mean X), a Youtube channel and a TikTok account!! In fairness I can't keep up with all of them but I have them!

I'm also starting a podcast and have a non-profit in North Vancouver called North Van Cares that helps out folks in the community!


So, if you still think that Realtors® don't really deserve the commissions they earn I'm happy to have you shadow me for a day. Be at my place at 7:15am and don't expect to go home until sometime around 10pm! ha ha.

While it may be a lot and a lot of it is behind the scenes, I wouldn't have it any other way! I love what I do. I love helping my clients work out exactly what they want and coming up with strategies that make them happy and calm. That's my greatest joy in this work.

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