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What is the true value of your house?

Tony and I have put together this short, video presentation (each one is less than 5 minutes long) to outline just a few of the different options your current home can offer your future.

Please take a look! 


We’re happy to sit down and chat with you about any of these things or anything you’d like to do, anytime. Just call, text, email or yell really loud. We’re here to help your figure out your next steps.

Worry Free Retirement

You’ve likely been working hard for a while now. You have a dream of what your retirement can look like. Watch this video to get some ideas on how to maximize your retirement to have the life you’e been dreaming of. Call, text or email us with questions or comments. We’re here to help. 

Creating Passive Income

There are a lot of creative ways to sit back and do nothing whilst making money. You can play the stock market, you can rely on the lottery OR you can create a passive income by utilizing the value of your home. Watch this video to see how and call, text or email any questions. There are other options and we’re happy to discuss them all. 

Launching the Kids

How many 20-somethings do you know that can afford to move out of the family home and buy something in North Vancouver now? The number is small because the housing costs are high. Even renting is often not an option on an entry level salary these days. Watch this short vid to see some ways you can help the kids get their foot in the door.

More Time for Fun

A lot of us are waiting until we retire to travel but if the pandemic has taught us anything its that life is mighty unpredictable and “waiting to have fun” until we have more time isn’t really a sound philosophy anymore. Take a look at this video to see how using the value in your home can launch you into the next phase of your life: the FUN PHASE (I mean, having little kids was fun too…and teenagers, remember how fun that was…this is a different kind of fun” Call, text or email us for more info.

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