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Welcome! This is the place to start!

From this page you can find all kinds of amazing content on all sorts of things "NORTH SHORE". 

I'm Jacquie. I'm a philanthropist and REALTOR® here on Vancouver, BC's beautiful North Shore.


My love of North and West Vancouver can be seen through the lens of my non profit The North Van Cares Foundation as well as through the eyes of my clients

I love being a REALTOR®. Solving issues for my clients (and potential clients...or anyone who asks really) is what absolutely makes me tick! 


My goal with this blog is to remove any barriers to understanding in real estate while inspiring and entertaining you. This is the sort of thing I share with my clients to help them better understand the industry.

The knowledge you gain here may just make you the smartest one in the room ;)  

If you really love this please sign up to receive my "4SHORE" newsletter where I share 4 things that inspire, educate, entertain and promote, weekly. Look for your fav local businesses getting a nod or find out what's coming soon on the shore! 

Find what you're looking for using the links below and i'm always available if you'd like to chat! Just click here to book an appointment. 

Click the link to see all of my #northvanrealestate and #westvanrealestate news! Up to date and relevant. 


Check out what's new in entertainment in North and West Van. From events to funny stories from locals, there's something here for everyone!


I don't know about you but I'm constantly inspired by stories of resilience and success. Everyone could use a little inspiration now and again.  


I could probably fill an entire website just with the do-gooders on the shore! Who's your favourite?


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