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A Secret Hack to Make Money in Real Estate

Have you ever thought that having an extra couple thousand dollars would be super handy?

No? Then you can stop reading now ;)

If you said yes then HAVE I GOT A PLAN FOR YOU! Ha ha, sounds like an MLM but that's not what this is.

I've found that people are often surprised when I tell them that I pay actual cash money for referrals. I have some friends and family that have made a few thousand a year since I've been in the business by just suggesting their friends, family or colleagues talk to me before they buy. or sell a home.

Most of these folks would recommend me anyway and I'm very proud of that but I honestly think that there is enough money to go around and having a group of people who know, like and trust me and who'll refer me is an absolute honour.

Not every Realtor® pays cash for referrals and that's ok too. I just feel, for my own business, that I would like to reward my friends for remembering that I'm a Realtor® and not just. a philanthropist. (I find that about 50% of the people I meet know me as the person that started the North Van Cares Foundation)

So this is how it works:

  1. you overhear a friend, colleague, relative talking about real estate. they indicated that they're interested in buying or selling.

  2. you think "wow, I bet Jac would have some great advice for them and, if she can't help them she would know who could.

  3. you say "hey, I have a friend who's a Realtor® and she really knows her stuff. Can I pass along your contact info? She isn't pushy and will just give you all the information. You can decide if you want to work with her or not."

  4. You get their info and pass it on to me with an explanation of your relationship to them and maybe a bit about them. i.e. do they have kids? Are they downsizing/upliving? etc.

  5. I do the rest.

  6. If we do a deal I let you know and I cut you in on a % of my commission.

It's that simple.

Everyone talks about real estate in the Lower Mainland. Having someone in your back pocket who not only knows the market but understands some really important aspects of our changing rules and economy is more likely than not going to make you an absolute rock star.

So, if you have anyone you'd like to direct me to let me know. I have a 99% closing ration (I end up as the agent for 99/100 people I speak to about representing them...that last one got away from me!)

Call, text, email, whatever. 604.764.0990.

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