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How Funny is Real Estate?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Let's Ask Phil Dumphy!

Funny real estate moments with Phil.

Look, real estate in general and residential real estate in particular can produce some really funny scenarios but no one does funny (#deadpan) like Phil Dumphy, TV's most lovable Realtor®!

Maybe I need a younger kid to act as my real estate wing man!?

Funny real estate stuff

There's no end of entertaining real estate info out there and I'm going to curate the funniest of the funny so you can fall down this rabbit hole with me!

Jacquie Cares About Making you Laugh!

Not all Reatlors® are created equal. Some scour the internet to bring you entertaining or educational content to really help you understand your market (and "the market" in general) Some don't.

What kind of a Realtor® do you want to work with? If its someone like Jacquie, book a chat anytime. She'll always be available to take your calls.

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