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Delish Puts Our Environment First

Since the start of the pandemic it's become much more difficult to make the right environmental choices when we're out purchasing products. I used to have a rule that I wasn't allowed to get a coffee if I forgot a reusable cup (really need to get back to that!) but during 2020/21/22 most cafes wouldn't fill your cup and insisted you used a paper one. ugh!

We're so used to taking the easy way out; buying dish detergent at Save On or laundry soap at Costco but each one of the receptacles we get with the product contribute to the our environmental impact. What do you think happens to those huge, plastic jugs???

Thankfully a smart woman realized that there's another way!

Meet Tamara! She started Delish General Store and Jar Bar in Edgemont. Her philosophy is simple:

"Celebrate the revival of hand made and home grown,

Extol the virtues of getting your hands dirty,

Pass on knowledge, recipes, techniques, tools and the pioneering spirit,

Extend the life of useful objects, and

Protect the planet and all who who call it home."

As soon as you walk through the door you feel calmer. It's so lovely in this store that you should probably expect to spend about double the time in there. It smells amazing!

Aside from helping the planet and providing the community with a way to do the same Tamara is also really involved in helping where it's needed. She has products in the Ukraine Fundraiser section where the money is donated to support Ukraine defense and recovery and, when I asked her for a donation for the North Van Cares Gala she didn't hesitate.

I'm all about supporting local business and I can't tell you how much I love this store! It's absolutely worth the trip to Edgemont. (even if you're in Deep Cove!)

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