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We Stan Little Pink Door Boutique, North Vancouver

"We stan" is what the kids say when they think something is great! At least they did a few years ago. It's definitely possible that they don't say it anymore!

But, I digress.

Little Pink Door is the cutest, little boutique in town! Since opening it's doors in 2016 LPD (as it's know about town) has become the go-to place to find all kinds of cool stuff.

It's not just great clothes! They also have accessories you won't find anywhere else and gifts and shoes and, and, and. Seriously, who needs the big department stores with their un-informed sales staff when you can go into LPD and get individualized customer service.

When you walk into the shop you're greeted by whichever awesome staff member is working that day (it's often owner, Colette!) You can browse on your own or ask them to help out. I promise, if you have a question, they have the answer.

Even if you don't know what you want they can help outfit you for whatever events you're attending....A gala for example ;)

These "promote" posts aren't meant to be long, they're meant to let you know that I support North Vancouver in a way that few do. I want to see our amazing community members flourish and if I can bring light to a business that I think is amazing, that's what I'll do here.

Check out Little Pink Door when you're over on Dollarton Highway! You'll be super glad you did.

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