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Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Why is this the only blog you need for North Shore real estate and more?

Because it's not JUST real estate we talk about.

4SHORE is an extension of Jacquie McCarnan's North Shore presence. As Founder and Board Chair of the North Van Cares Foundation Jacquie has her finger on the pulse of all things "north shore" and wants to share it all with you.

This blog is split into 4 categories, each designed to deliver value you won't find anywhere else!

EDUCATE: the page where we remove any barrier to understanding real estate in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. There are many things the public don't know and many things that are the victim of #gatekeeping. This blog has a #nogatekeeping mandate to deliver info you can't find anywhere else. Check it out!

ENTERTAIN: these pages are filled with everything from local events to hilarious real estate faux pas! By curating some of the most entertaining content from the internet, personal stories, and some local yore, 4SHORE aims to get into the heart of this community, it's people and it's powerful message of kindness and giving.

INSPIRE: it doesn't take much research to find North Shore locals with a story to tell! Over the life of this blog we will find those stories, we will interview those people and we will present them to you in a way that makes you proud to live in this special place! If we do it right, you may even shed a tear or two!

PROMOTE: living and working in the community means we come into contact with some pretty amazing people and places. The promote pages will be filled with our recommendation for just about anything you can think of around town!

We keep the content short and sweet and to the point so you can get your info fast! We hope that you will find this something you look forward to seeing in your inbox weekly!

To get started, pick your catagory!

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