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How Can I Sell After a Divorce Without Another Fight?

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Almost without exception divorce and separation comes with some pretty big emotions. In many cases spouses can't agree on even the smallest things like who gets the photo albums let alone how to sell the family home.

In the past spouses had to figure it all out for themselves, hire a Realtor® and each communicate with that agent. In many cases this put the Realtor® in a tough spot having to mediate between parties.

After about a million years of this being an issue someone cleverly created the Co-listing Separate Representation Form. This form allows each spouse to retain their own agent. That's right, 2 agents for the price of one!

Each agent represents their party only. They owe that client a fiduciary duty and have a privacy contract with them. They are not permitted to share information unless instructed by their client. With anyone. Including the spouse.

Not all agents offer this service. It can be a challenge for Realtors® too because there can be lots of opinions around the best strategy for the sale of the home. However, this isn't your problem, this is a problem for the Realtors® ;)

If you're getting divorced (or you're a sibling in a contentious estate sale) you may want to think about this. Why add more stress when it's not needed.

Advantages of the Co-listing Separate Representation model?

  1. 2 agents for the price of one

  2. double the social media exposure (provided your agent has a presence)

  3. a collaborative process between agents usually means a great result

  4. alleviates the stress of having to come to an agreement with your spouse (ex) about yet another thing

  5. leaves you with time to focus on more important factors of the kids

Some people are able to really get along great after they make the decision to separate, those are not the people this is intended for.

If you'd like more information on the process book a chat with me and we'll go through it all.

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