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The Health Trend that Will Save You in the Long Term and that You Hate in the Short Term!

I was at my new family doctor on the North Shore today...I know, I know, "how did you get a new doctor Jac???!!!" Well, I waited 2.5 years but now that I've got her, she's stuck with me!

Anyway, we got to talking about health and wellness and she said "you would really benefit from this thing everyone is doing called cold plunging."

Ma'am! Do you know who I am??? ;)

For those of you that don't follow along with my entire life my daughter recently opened a cold plunge and sauna studio in Squamish, BC.

"How handy" I responded to my lovely new doctor who didn't just want to throw prescription meds at me.

From a "marketing my daughter's business" perspective I should say that I absolutely love to cold plunge but, from an authenticity perspective I will tell you that its first.

I think if you've only gone once you would probably be left with the impression that it's kind of awful and maybe the pay off at the end where you feel absolutely amazing isn't enough to offset the pain of the discomfort of the cold tub.

But what I can tell, from my now extensive experience, is that it gets better....


Around the 4th or 5th visit to @plungewellnesstudio I started to feel more comfortable getting into the cold water. I switched things up to cold plunge first and sauna second which felt better for me but others have their own way of doing it.

If you're like me you need to see the benefits pretty quickly of something. Fun fact, I have an issue that causes my brain to interpret pain in a different way. The issue is annoying and, very occasionally, debilitating. Its never so bad that I can't do my job with enthusiasm and grace but, it's there.

Since I started regular cold plunging I've been able to eliminate the western medicine pharmaceutical regime and get back to being much more of my old self.

Now, not all of you will have to go to the extreme of helping your kid build a full cold plunge studio, lucky for you I can get you access!

If you have read to the end of this email I will send you a voucher for a cold plunge at Plunge Wellness.


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